New cable roller for manhole angle for safety during cable laying

Apply the job with the safer and more professional way, when laying cables from the drum in manhole or from winch out to the manhole!

  • Cable is protected from damage and wear during laying
  • Quick and Easy Job in a professional way: Roller results in reducing friction, thus reducing the work power force and make the job easier and faster

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With the new Lubricants SPRAY  now the job is done “quick and easy ”

  • Spray canister pressure distributes the lubricant easier than by using bottle.
  • Lubricant is distributed along pipe, wiring and cables more equally, faster and easier.
  • You can reach further distances with one pressure up to 2m
  • It prevents you from unwanted spills on the floor during usage.
  • With the foam spray 100-50-2004 when you apply at the entrance foam fills the whole volume of the duct and cables come completely lubricated!!

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