domestic use

EVIK offers a complete range of metallic accessories for all ranges of fish tapes and duct rodders.
Selection of the proper accessory eases the work of the technician, according to his project conditions and assist him to repair, when is needed, the fish tape/ duct rodder.

For Nylon range:
Eyelet/ connection joints/ flexible metallic starting spinner with eyelet or balls

for Polyester range:
eyelet/ shackle/ flexible metallic starting spinner with eyelet/ metallic reels/ plastic tube

for Fiberglass range:
starting-ending joints/ rotating end joints/ rotating connection joints/ repair connecting joints/ eyelet/ shackles/ rollers/ anti-torsion joints/ metallic reels

EVIK may undertake also production of customized metallic accessories.
Moreover, wide range and variety of complementary products for better usage and maximum perfomance of fish tapes are also available:
Rubber pulling grips
Glue for simple usage and heavy duty repairing works.