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AKAT 713

DIY Fiberglass sticks kit

Fiberglass rods [1m/pc] with M6 threaded connection ends, ideal for electrical installations for plasterboard and false ceiling projects.
They come in a pouch with a back strap for ease of organization during use.

How to use basalt sticks and its accessories YouTube link:





2pcs of fiberglass rods ⌀ 4.6 mm

6pcs of fiberglass rods ⌀ 5.6mm

2pcs of fiberglass rods ⌀ 6.6 mm



1pc nylon extension

1pc hook

1pc ring

1pc adaptor (male/male)



Ideal tool for works in plasterboards and gypsum ceilings.

Fiberglass composition provides the rod with stiffness, strength and at the same time flexibility making ideal tool for works in plasterboards and gypsum ceilings where there is no pipe or canal.

All different rod diameters and all accessories can be connected and combined in order for the professional to apply them for the required job.

Large variety of rod diameters providing many combinations facilitating many different applications for the job.

  • Small rod diameter is preferred when more flexibility is needed or in short distances.
  • Bigger diameter is preferred when rigidness and stability is needed.

Big range of accessories are available upon request – easing the electrician’s work.

  • Accessories made of brass for resistance to time and wear.
  • Nylon extension with eyelet facilitates guiding through penetration and cable pulling.
  • The small hook has a double application: a) as a hook for grabbing things and b) as a big eyelet due to the hooks formation (by “closing” the opening with insulation tape).

  • Possibility for more accessories according to the needs of the professional.
  • Apply some light glue at the thread of accessories for extra safety during usage.

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